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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 18, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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. neil: this really has my goat. 11 billion meant to fix the homes of sandy victims, sitting in a big old pot. don't say i didn't warn you. a lot of the same folks in the affected areas are still waiting for so much as a response from the government. why did you need 60 billion dollars when it turns out so much of that money remains unsent? think about the money we have wasted not tracking it. the money that went to haiti to help them out and never helped them out. money post katrina that never helped anyone out in louisiana.
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all the billions that went in the northeast. do you wonder where that money went? >> absolutely, we ask that every day. neil: wow, welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. and 17 months after sandy, more like hurry up and wait. billions unspent, hundreds of homes not built. thousands of home owners not helped. let all that sink in, then ask yourself like chris christie was in such a rush to get that money out? >> there's only one person to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims. the house majority and their speaker, john boehner. neil: news flash, governor, they're still suffering. you got the money, please explain what and you so many other finger waving politicians back then did with that money? because i'm a little curious, and a lot of folks are a lot furious. so how about you, the folks watching in the folks affected? my thoughts, i would very much like to hear yours.
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use hashtag cavuto, you tweet it, we will share it. to the "wall street journal" laura cassiso who uncovered all of this coming to light right now. very good reporting. the bottom line is that a lot of money sits there, why? >> there are a couple of reasons for it. one of the reasons is federal bureaucracy around rebuilding from disasters. a lot of it was strengthened after hurricane katrina because people took checks, left and never came back, and so now you have environmental reduce, have you requirements about true being whether or not you've got a loan, and all that's delaying things by month and months and you have new jersey and new york not doing a good job creating programs to give out. neil: your memory is probably better than minott subject, there was a great rush to get the money and the argument for making sure either dot the is
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and cross the t's on the part of speaker boehner is to avoid a lag time in a way you alluded to before. who was right in this? >> absolutely a rush to get the aid out. and it's an interesting question, in part why it's taken so long is because of all the i dotting and the t crossing and part of it is local governments not making it a priority as they should. neil: i wonder if the numbers get so big and out of control, this is inevitable, i always step back here, not that i was nostradamus, should we be surprised now? when ask you for something this large, are you really going to be surprised that such a large amount of cash just sits? >> i would certainly say for me, trying to track this down and figure out how much has been allocated for housing, how much in the hands of local governments, how much they
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spent, was a herculean effort. and there were time us when felt people were moving the decimal or $100 million you couldn't figure out where it had gone. i think it's a challenge giving out so much money at once. neil: a challenge uncovering where it went and didn't go. you are to be commended. very good reporting, appreciate it. >> thanks so much. neil: you remember a lot of politicians backflapping at the time? >> i think this federal government's performance is extraordinary. >> hear nothing but good things about fema and certainly very helpful to us. >> i want to thank the governor for his leadership from the beginning. neil: i always like to think people are doing signs for the deaf, they're saying they're lying through their teeth. incredible, the staten island residents in hurricane sandy victims, scott and allison. scott is sporting a sling.
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he has not gotten in a fight with politicians. what happened? >> i got hurt at work. neil: are you all right? >> yeah. neil: are you getting any of this money sitingly in the pot? >> it's funny, last week the city of staten island was at a town hall meeting. they're going to do this, we're going to do it the right way and called my wife up and told, you know, we need your receipts and stuff. now several months ago, they told us we were tier 3. tier 3 means you really weren't going to get help you. >> weren't a pressing need. >> right, we both worked and based on family total income that we don't qualify. neil: still not? >> still not. so now they're asking for receipts. who's holding on receipts when they told you several months ago you're not going to get them. neil: bottom line, you are waiting to hear. how about you, allison? >> still waiting.
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neil: what do they tell you? >> we were listed as priority 2. they said our house needs elevation, we think it needs to be torn down and rebuilt. we have a one-story bungalow. a few blocks off. neil: they were building them higher so they're more resistant to the next bad thing. >> exactly. we are actually required to rebuild or elevate to the base flood elevation. we're required to. neil: what happened? >> our income level. my wife and i, our combined income was over 80% of the ami of the neighborhood, we're listed as priority 2. we just got a call saying come down to options meeting since they're getting that trench number 3, the mayor said everyone who applied will be helped. now we got a call saying come down and have an options
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meeting. >> that's no guarantee they'll be helping, you could being next in line. >> they need more documentation from us. neil: maybe can you correct this, a lot of you were asks for documentation for homes that were under water. >> i have a fun story. my friend terry lives in our community, they've been to her house three times. the house is flattened out. three times. they called to say terry we happened to find out you have lead on your house. they're wasting money on contractors and city workers to go to the same location. there are fat payrolls and pinning the money and the money. >> i know someone else from our neighborhood who the house was demolished and she got a notice saying she needs to find out there is lead paint in the house. neil: but the house is
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demolished? does that move the ball forward? or go back and forth over. >> back and forth. they've been to her house four times. neil: you are a level it 2, you are a little more pressing concern than he is. for the time being. he can be louder than you. >> yes. he's louder, but -- >> when you hear reports of billions upon billions of sitting there meant to help folks like you, and ostensibly one of the reasons is they don't want people to take advantage of this, but you are clearly in need of this, don't you think? >> it's frustrating beyond imagine -- i can't speak, i get so aggravated. i'm not even living in my house. neil: where are you living? >> renting an apartment. neil: why? >> in staten island. in the same building they lived in before i bought the house. neil: is that right? >> right. neil: a lot of people are in
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those binds, paying a mortgage on a house that is destroyed. >> paying a mortgage and flood insurance and home owners insurance, and property taxes and water and sewer on a house i'm not living in, plus rent. utilities, renters insurance. neil: my goodness. >> it says if we're not in a pressing need -- whatever money we received from insurance, whenever they finally get around to helping us, that is called transfer money, we have to transfer it to build it back or elevate or rebuild our house. we'll be using insurance money to pay rent. neil: but the purpose of the funds, and a lot of people criticize this. but if you're going throw money at a problem, you're going presumably help the people who have the problem. look at the politicians on the right and the left. i mentioned republican governor, i could have talked about new york's democratic governor. the fact of the matter is they
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were commending themselves for a great job they were doing. how do you feel? >> you know, it's funny, you see the commercial cuomo does with the staff of staten island. is he sleeping or dreaming? that's a fairytale. he hasn't been there. they did a buyout which people had to have, and then have you -- neil: they have the cash. >> then you got the mayor, mayor of new york wants to put low-income housing into staten island. now, let me do this, i'm treading my feet. neil is going to walk away from his property. so the city could actively take over and start building low income homes, that's what they want to do. the only person has helped and done a lot and that's congressman michael quinn, i can tell you on a personal level, talking to people on staten island, he has been there, reaching out for people, helping people, and he has got
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foundation to help a lot of people. if it wasn't for you toers and tunnels, my kitchen would not have been done. neil: have you other issues now, what can you do? >> they've seen it on the news how my house was knocked down and they stepped in. neil: hang in there, incredible after all this time. your grandkids will eventually get it. look at the bright side, john kerry is all over the oceans, after this. :
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...i got lots of advice, but i needed information i could trust. unitedhealthcare's innovative, simple program helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. . >> i'm going to use my authority as president to protect some of our most precious marine landscapes like we do for mountains and rivers and forests. >> i'm very appreciative for the president's announcement about the effort to deal with illegal fish that come to the marketplace. neil: well, it's a good thing we have the dated footage of their push to address climate change. i mean, certainly wouldn't be saying it this week, with iraq crumbling and the middle east just evaporating, you know the
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va scandal and the other scandals, certainly wouldn't be talking about, you know, moby dick this week. right? well, they are. that is from this week. former bush 41 defense, jeff babin, on i don't know, bad optics, what do you think? >> it's worse than that, neil. these guys have decided their objective in careers is relevance. we don't have statement of leadership pretty much anywhere that i can see. it's like some old tv show, holed up in the bronx, car 54, where are you? neil: i'm always reminded of detective clouseau thing where the guy is asking the license from the monkey and the bank is being robbed. i had nothing against moby dick and flipper and all, that i want them to be safe and sound, but i'm also seeing the world blowing up, and i just think,
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maybe push flipper and moby back on the priority scale, for the timeing. >> you are absolutely right. there are a lot of things that beg for american attention and none of them are getting american attention, and the fact of the matter, is can you declare all you want. three quarters of a square mile of ocean is protected by whom? it's not going to be any fishing bans enforceable. nothing is going to go on that is not prohibited now, you know, it's really the same story. neil: it's a distraction. you and i talk about this before, it's just a distraction, and i see companies do this, ceo's under fire, if there is insider trading, big thing i covered on the 80s. they would try to get people's minds off the bad press at hand. but it never works. in other words, you invariably come back to the issue at hand and how you're ignoring the, at hand or trying to slough them off. >> right, this is a rebranding, they want to be the climate presidency. this is the climate equivalent
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of new coke. what is it going to help and sell? neil: you and i are the only ones to remember, that analogy is dead on. here's what i want to ask you, is there a method to it. when all is said and done, the president and his people are smart at these internal polls they do, and the tests well, they use them brilliantly in the last election, these are wedge issues which they can distract folks from look at the problems at hand and saying, hey, you know, the republican guys are against saving flipper, against helping out moby dick, they are against clean air, and all of a sudden, iraq was imploding but all of a sudden the air i'm breathing is getting worse, there is a method to their madness, is there not? >> we talk about it all the time, the problem is people are immersed and buried in the news. you can't keep up with it. so whatever comes along next is going to push off whatever has been on the screen.
8:18 pm
so you end up with, yeah, iraq is imploding, but by the way, we're saving moby dick, or the va is the biggest scandal we've heard of. by the way, bowe bergdahl is coming home. people are inundated with news, i think a large part of america is turning it off and not bothering to read the newspaper and saying things are blowing up every day, what's the noint our paying attention. neil: people have never been this cynical since the depression. think about it. jeb, always a pleasure, my friend. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> we do have a lot of distractions, right? whether the president wants to admit them or not. whether washington wants to recognize them or not. you have the va, the irs, the nsa, and now you've got senator reid on a red-skin rampage. >> this is important to native americans on the country. they no longer use this, it's racist. she's still the one for you.
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. neil: you know, i've always said when you let people down or you don't deliver on your words, it piles up, in other words, people lose trust in you. it doesn't have to take a single event. you can go back to something as simple, if you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and you can't. then you see iraq imploding, and you say you're outraged about what's going on in the irs and targeting conservatives and no explanation for the sudden disappearance of so many e-mails. bit by bit you lose your soul,
8:23 pm
bit by bit, it's a matter of trust and could explain why across the board, the president and indeed now much of washington is held in such so regard. how do you win that trust back? we got chuck, maddie. how do you know? >> hard to know how you win the trust back. the president's numbers are down, down, down, keep going down, one of the things i think are interesting about the obama presidency and hopefully history will bear this out. it's more damaging to the people who had the most faith in government to begin with. we had an irs that loses two years' of an employees e-mail, but at the same time we have nsa that has every single emain an american has sent. what the processive president is showing us is that government is either incompetent or ignorant when in his case it's both. neil: pat, there are many such
8:24 pm
incidents, and a tone deafness to the response on the part of the administration to the incidents, what do you think? >> we are dealing with a culture. it's not just the administration. this is going back for some years. you saw it in the bush administration scandals. what we had recently is unprecedented. it is a political class attitude in washington that encompasses liberals, democrats, republicans, the media, which is contempt for the american people number one, and believed that the currency of the realm is to lie. everybody lies about everything all the time. i've been doing some research in the last few months on. this topic, and people overwhelmingly believe the government is out of control. that as you said, the line has reached unbelievable proportions and their belief
8:25 pm
is, 85% of americans believe the system is raked against them and they're right. this is a culture going oand you can't win that trust back as long as your strategy, is we can get away with lying to everybody about everything. neil: jarrod, you saw in the wall street community with the gains we've seen, individual participation is at record lows, they are not convinced this is legit, or that this game isn't rigged it. extends to your purview, right? >> it does. to the point, this is all about trust, and we -- when obama took office, he was supposed to bring change, supposed to renew american faith in government and our economy, and it's like every president should get a mulligan, maybe two or three, when you have 10 or 15 or 20, you haven't completed anything, in his case, it's worse. we came from one of the greatest recessions in history,
8:26 pm
and now we're supposed to be turning around, when you have repetitive issues like, this and have you his -- i mean, i was look at his executive orders, and they're scary some of them. you keep doing this over and over again, you lose faith -- the public loses faith in you, and you lose faith in the public. it's a lose-lose situation for everybody. neil: not good for the time being. take a quick break. when we come back, we're hearing hillary clinton's book sales are not that robust. they're okay. but considering her and who she is, it's worrying a lot of folks, including a lot of her wall street buddies?
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so is our record of the state department, and that is why they are disappointing and why she has been running into a buzz saw of media interviews that would typically be friendly but are anything but. anyway. fox business correspondent charlie gasparino has been looking at this and it was one of the first deposit what i thought was a ridiculous notion. as book sales go, so goes the support or lack thereof for hillary clinton in the wall street community. now -- >> listen, i don't think it is necessarily book sales. a best seller. neil: 100,000, not bad. >> not bad. but it is a heavy-duty policy. neil: i actually read it. if anyone has any doubts that she is running for president -- >> bad enough i had to read daggers' but. did you read that? neil: i did.
8:31 pm
>> did you read thomas b. goodies but? >> i did not. >> that is even worse. neil: did you read hell's angels? >> i did not. i think it is more than book sales. it is reception. that is what all wall street supporters told me. neil: what are they worried about? how is the press, in particular fox is going to position bucks visa the world events, benghazi, foreign policy troubles and possibly the economy. problem, this is why she is taking this long to figure. she is going to run. if the economy turns down can see when? that will be a problem. when she is worried a lot more than that, she is or reroute the
8:32 pm
economy. economic cycles last seven years a really weird economy right now and low economic growth. people that are not working, yet we have, you know, the president declaring victory if. neil: you think it is all little energetic. >> seven years. think about it. neil: you know, like her or look at this. how she has comported herself. >> i think most people, even republicans in wall street lighter in terms of they think she is someone that is credible. they think she is generally a nice person. neil: a little thin skinned. someone was talking within npr reporter on the evolution of the marriage. is hardly a nasty question, and she went off -- >> she had a bad day may be. i watched her the kind of growth you know why, she held up. they did not throw softballs at
8:33 pm
her. they went at her. what was interesting is, a lot of these people like curt. she wants to talk a book obviously. my book, chapter, chapter one. sometimes they cancel these interviews when it gets around a news event like these guys allegedly starting benghazi because they do not want to be asked about thorny issues. she showed up, new that they would make good news-oriented, less about the book and more about the story and took the questions. neil: she did not say anything. speaking in broad generalities. >> for biggest problem is this -- neil: in a way that her in 2008. broad generalities, did not get specific. >> and the president, a candid and barack obama that spoke specifically even though -- neil: absolutely. >> here is the problems she faces and all of the wall street guys say this. she is going to have to basically adopt or basically
8:34 pm
defend someone else's record. i mean, the president's record is very hard to do. does she have a good one? i do not think so. we will see. right of jacksonville. it is like, you know, not too many people. neil: you can't be accosted. >> that is fox business and fox news central. they love us down there. i tell you, southern italians. these are people that are worried about the economy. a different perspective of the world. it. neil: with all that is going on in the world, say this because we have been worried. we have to get the government
8:35 pm
involved in the washington redskins. are you kidding me? >> regarding the redskins delayed is important to everyone it is about tradition. i asked what tradition. the tradition of racism for. ♪ i spent my entire childhood seeing the world in reverse, and i loved every minute of it.
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thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> the issue regarding the redskins is very important to every one of those tribes. every time we hear this name it is a sad reminder of racism. the last person in the world to realize this, but it is just a matter of time until we are forced to do the right and change the name. neil: and washington, if you do not change the name of your team, looks for -- they will force the issue, a patent on its
8:39 pm
trademark, six of them, that the washington redskins will have taken away, taken away. now what? can they do that? can they do that? want people to step back. whatever your views are on whether this is unfair to native americans, etc., that is a slippery slope right there. >> we often look for a good reason to call something a slippery slope, and it happens to be one of them. why in heaven's name is the united states congress maureen and self about the name of a professional sports teams . neil: this is the panel as the said these trademarks should be allowed. we have taken away. what is to stop them from going back and doing the same to other mutually agreed contracts, ripping them up, tearing them up because of white be the latest offense with the latest perceived.
8:40 pm
anybody can do anything at any time, and you can only hope that there will be smarter people who will look at this with a little bit of common sense and say, hey, wait a second. it is okay to do this. from a common-sense perspective i would respectfully submit that roger goodell is concerned about the image of the nfl. he has his finger on the pulse of what is going on. he has done his due diligence, and apparently he is okay with it. neil: you look at the familiar logos and what could be out there and other teams, the cleveland indians and atlanta falcons, you can go on and on. they are all fair game. all fair game. and then if you expanded to corporate brands. if you don't like redskins, what about red bull? i am thinking, where does it end? >> this country was supposed to be built on the notion that we keep government out of our everyday lives. this whole notion that we can --
8:41 pm
neil: they revisited this on their own. we are tearing this up right now >> it almost makes you wonder as if congress, everything has gone wrong. we have a horrible image. it. neil: they are aggregating. >> it makes for a great sound bite. okay you are an american indian or you have to work hard to find a sense of the sentiment of the native american instruments -- indians. they are not at the forefront yelling and screaming into a name change. neil: you are speaking on behalf of millions of native americans, as they say. >> go to the nfl, take a meeting go to the source. why is this -- though we have
8:42 pm
more important things to deal with? this is what we announced? great news. the redskins trade marquez been cancelled. [applause] good for us. neil: incredible. thank you very much. this just in our newsroom. apparently the numerical diet drug does not work. you cannot take a pill and magically lose weight. from what i hear you have to exercise and eat right. ♪ i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt
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neil: the president, congress, leaders, wall street, now dr. ross.
8:46 pm
>> there is not magic in a bottle. there is not a magic pill. >> i say those things on my show all the time. >> then why would you say something is a miracle and a bottle? >> my job, i feel, the show, is to be a cheerleader for the audience. when they don't think they have opened can make it happen i want to look everywhere, including alternative healing alternatives . neil: okay. well, apparently dr. oz, the pills don't work. you cannot just pop one and instantly get then. you have to go on a diet, do some exercise. another bubble burst. another trusted icon taken down. what happened? >> amelya did take his idea. the reason is because we live a reason that is -- we live in a world that is sensationalizes everywhere.
8:47 pm
the reality is, if you walk into the aegean sea or vitamins shop there are a myriad of supplement shops, people are buying because of the placebo effect. at some level people need to a believe in something. you know what to as much as it is weird, it helps some people, maybe it does give them motivation. neil: by the way, it causes sons of industry to prosper. what do you make of this? >> i don't know if he has stocked in some of these bills are what the deal is, but this is ludicrous. there will always be -- neil: why didn't the doctor where his fatigues? he would have been a lot more believable. immediately i am thinking, wait a minute. >> you are not a real doctor. this is the thing. there will be a new scam to get rich and get then.
8:48 pm
you are right. hard work, dieting, going for a walk is the only way you're going to get healthier. lawmakers are going and dragging doctor rosin front of them. focus on things that they can fix like health care system that incentivizes. you can't legislate stupid. neil: in a way you could blame this on the president. that would be like saying don't talk a golan ourself. what do you make of this? >> i don't care about it. it is an issue. given what we just covered on your show, the fact that people want to have themselves misled, but leave whenever, this has
8:49 pm
been going on forever. but go back to what you -- it is about the government, the congress. you just had this discussion -- neil: de art -- they are dyslexic. my god, i asked a question because i don't know. i cannot believe that the patent office has ever taken patents back. neil: a very scary stuff. >> by the way, being a cheerleader in by the congress. it looked at what is happening with victims from sandy who are still being screwed because government does not work. that is why a vast majority of americans now see their own government in a democracy as a threat to arab lives. this is scary stuff. neil: at least you can keep up with it in 3d on this new amazon phone. it does a lot of things, moving into an industry that could also
8:50 pm
have a big say in what goes on in music, what you get on your phone. it is a combination device that could change the way we look at smart funds in general. >> hand delsarte a tough space and amazon might be overextending itself trying to get new video content, doing music streaming, going to a mobile device is always kind of a heavy lift. you look and see samsung, apple that have cornered the market. there are a lot of things to be said for amazon having a really robust consumer race, obviously a lot of people like their prime i am a prime customer. but on the other hand, that consumer base does not as a surly translate into one that wants a new telephone. everyone is pulling up amazon on their iphone. neil: jerry, real quick. >> disagreed. i think debt it is all lost
8:51 pm
leader for them. you love the prime. i love the prime. they can bundle this correctly it can be a big winner for amazon. neil: you strike me as a 3d guy. >> i cannot wait to get my hands on it. i am just really embracing the future. neil: got you. by the way, made is almost. it size matters. just wanted you to be up on that. >> not going there. neil: why did i go there? all right. a few more gold commercials coming up, and then we come back. a president is detached just because seagulls? not to fair. ♪ if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours.
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8:55 pm
getting this reaction. looks can be deceiving, some people think that i am lazy, it assumes he is doing notion else. john kennedy famously kept to his famously normal schedule in the days leading up to the cuban missile crisis, back then americans did not know it was a crisis. i came down, trying to give the president the benefit of the doubt. saying it is fine he is playing golf as long as he has an idea. and ellen writes. that is very hurtful. >> lou, in detroit, quit giving this moron a pass. dallas writes, maybe he is trying to make us think he is a clueless, hapless effect less, brain less fool it is working.
8:56 pm
tim, you give the president's pass because you like to golf. tim, i don't golf. and sounds like you are begging to be the president's next golf partner. >> i don't golf, again. unless you count miniature golf. >> ryder, president obama way past rough, he is out of bounds. >> margaret there is nothing wrong with golfing 3 a crisis as long -- through a crisis as long as you are tiger woods and other leaders of free world. you have a . -- alex, i know you say you never served. but you served notice on those who abused our veterans who did, good for you. go cavuto, i would be proud to call you my brother in arms, that does not mean i could do
8:57 pm
miracles and squeeze you in my fox hole, you appear a stayed large. i will say, sergeant, and soldiers, they never think twice about looking after us do, they? even as we forget them. i mentioned these 2775 soldiers they are sending to baghdad, to protect our embassy, is proof, even after that v.a. stuff, they don't complain. because it is not there their dna to be petty or whiney. >> get real military will always support what they are asked to do, they won't drag their feet or show up late, they may not agree, they will always support the usa, jimmy that is my points. leonard, one of finest things i have seen you do, outstanding. >> as a vietnam vet, thank you
8:58 pm
for what you said. hoping that washington was watching. >> i want nile to do, i was impressed it brought me to tears, and i had to write to tell, my son-in-law serveed in u.s. navy for 23 years, my daughter for 10, improud of them and our service people, and everything that neil said today, were right on. we need to show the men and women the report they need and deserve. we do, thank you, thank youior family for all they do. michael efrom navy, i am deployed, saw your closing statement. your assessment is like all those who love our country, the difference is mike, you put your life on the line. mr. cavuto, not many things can bring you to tears but seeing
8:59 pm
how genuine your car is for me, and my fellow veterans and future veterans is really touching. it is the other way around, you deserve better, if i have had anything to say about it i will use this microphone and this show to make damn sure you get it. julie tweets, you would be great in congress. i don't know about that. >> amanda, sometimes when i think you are a self centered phony puts you pull off something like that. amanda, switch the channel, just stop. okay. then there is miller, who sucks all of the hugs out of the room, cavuto, keep up the goodwork, you are a funny guy, you need a clown suit. but i digress.
9:00 pm
how am i funny? how is that? i did that william chater in eshatner,thank you for watchingu tomorrow. kennedy: redskins were scalped today, the nfl team had their patten stripped by u.s. at that time ent and trade park -- patent and trademark office. will they force dan snideer to change the team name, but he is thinking of selling it to donald sterling uwith great new mascot ideas how about the washington brown skins? and he is not even close to being the most admireed modern president. who do you think holes that stk-rbtion. we'll tell you, a lot of stuff, it is about to get more expensive for your summer car


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